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About Nozzles

Custom orifice drilling; Why does it matter?

Every jetter has a certain amount of flow and pressure output. That output represents the maximum potential energy available for cleaning activity. When the total orifice area is matched to the pump’s specifications, all the available energy is harnessed. However, if the total orifice area is not properly matched then performance suffers. If the total orifice area too small, system backpressure prevents full use of the available system energy. Likewise, if the total orifice area is too large, jet velocity and therefore pulling power are reduced.

Spray Angle Functions

Optimized Nozzles

and Equipment

The correct drilling of a nozzle's orifices

assures that all of the pump's energy is utilized.

How that energy is utilized depends on the

angle selection. For example, a long run

will require a nozzle with more pulling power,

so a 25° or 35° angle might be necessary.

A totally blocked line will require a forward jet

in combination with high thrust jets to break

through the obstruction. Once a channel has

been cut, switching to a flushing nozzle

(45° or 55°) is useful for clearing the line.

The drawing and table explain the various angle options and their functions.

Obtaining peak cleaning performance depends on two critical factors when ordering your nozzle.  First is the selection of the correct spray angle (or multiple angles) for the job. Second is matching the total orifice area to the pumps capabilities.


Spray angles can range from 0° (facing directly forward) to 90° (perpendicular to the sewer line).  In between, there are high flushing angles or high propulsion angles. The "right" angle depends on the job. At Aqua Mole we can suggest the right jetting angle based on your application needs. 


The second critical element in reaching optimum performance is matching the total orifice area (number of orifices times the orifice diameter), to the pumps output specifications. At Aqua Mole we custom drill each nozzle to order based on your pump's specifications to assure a perfect match.

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Forward facing for maximum blockage penetration, used in combination with a high thrust angle.

Energy is used primarily for pulling power on longer runs

with minimal flushing action.

High flushing action with reduced pulling power.

Energy is used primarily for "sweeping" of pipe walls with

minimal pulling power.

Used primarily on RJ (rotor jet) nozzles to provide a polishing action must be combined with a thrust angle in order to create pulling action. In special cases, this angle can be added to BN or J type nozzles to aid in navigation of tight corners.

Combination flushing / thrusting action with more pulling power

for use on longer runs.

0 Degrees

25 Degrees

35 Degrees

45 Degrees

55 Degrees

90 Degrees

At Aqua Mole, your pump’s pressure and flow specifications are computer modeled to determine the optimum orifice size for your selected spray pattern. Get the most out of your equipment with Aqua Mole’s custom orifice drilling.


As an added bonus, custom drilling allows Aqua Mole to supply our customers with special, or non standard spray patterns, generally at no additional cost, and with no shipping delays! That is the Aqua Mole Advantage!