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Cable Towing and Pulling

Cable Pulling is a chore for companies involved in communication and data cable installation. Many are now using high-pressure water “snakes” as one option for pulling cables through conduit. Typically a strong but lightweight high pressure hose equipped with a maximum thrust nozzle is run from one junction box to another. Our Versa Mole nozzle can be equipped with an eyebolt for convenient attachment to a snake line. The hose is retrieved with the snake line attached, and in turn the snake line is used to pull the actual cable through the conduit.  The Versa Mole with its High Thrust (15°) pulling capabilities is an ideal tool for long distance towing applications.  For shorter towing lengths, the BN50 nozzle with a 25° thrust angle can be used.

Additional Applications:


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This lightweight, energy efficient nozzle is machined from a premium grade aluminum, with a hard anodized coating.

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Special Applications

BN 50

This nozzle offers a 25° High Thrust angle for maximum pulling.