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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Custom drilling, why does it matter?

Every jetter has a certain amount of flow and pressure output. That output represents the maximum potential energy available for cleaning activity. When the total orifice area is properly matched to the pump’s specifications, all of the available energy is harnessed. If the total orifice area is too small, energy is wasted as backpressure. If the total orifice area is too large, maximum jet velocity and pulling power are reduced.


At Aqua Mole, your pump’s pressure and flow specifications are used to calculate the optimum orifice size for your selected spray pattern. As a result, your get the most out of your equipment.

Can I get any kind of spray pattern that I want?

Yes! Since we are drilling each nozzle to order, customer requests for a special or non-standard pattern can be accommodated without a problem. We do reserve the right to charge more for especially difficult or complex patterns.

Not a problem. As long as you know the pump’s flow and pressure specifications we can set up a nozzle that will work great on your equipment. We will also need to know the thread size. If you’re not sure about that, refer to the thread selection chart at the bottom of the page.

I have an old jetter, or the manufacturer is out of business, can you supply nozzles for my equipment?

Surprisingly not. We stock our nozzle bodies in an undrilled condition and have a very efficient system for drilling. We are located in the Cleveland OH area (Eastern time zone), and most orders that are placed by noon local time will ship that day. Occasionally, we will have to ship on the next business day.

If the nozzles are custom drilled, does that mean I have to wait long to get them?

We are a manufacturer, and you save by buying direct. Prices are listed on each product detail page and include drilling with the pattern of your choice. We offer quantity discounts which start with six nozzles. We also welcome inquiries from distributors or resellers, and have a special discount plan for those who qualify. Please call us toll free for details.

How are the nozzles priced?

Aqua Mole’s nozzles are backed with a 100% satisfaction performance guarantee. If you are not happy with the way our nozzles work on your equipment, please call and we will issue a refund or replace the nozzle.

What happens if I'm not happy with the way the nozzle works on my equipment?

The hose diameter cannot be used as an indication of the thread size on the hose connector fitting. If you are not certain, measure the outside diameter (O.D.) of the fitting's thread at the very end, round to the closest reference measurement below and note the corresponding NPT size.

I'm not sure about the thread size; how can I check?

Call toll-free: 877-457-2782

In most cases we need to have a conversation with customers to verify pump specs, spray pattern, and other important information necessary to provide the correct nozzle. This cannot be accomplished in an online environment, so you will need to call us on our toll free number. Customers who have purchased before and wish to reorder an item can use the fax order form, filling in the necessary information, and faxing it to us.

Can I order online?

Aqua Mole Technologies • P.O. Box 30609 • Middleburg Hts, OH 44130

Nominal Thread Size (NPT)

Actual O.D. Measurement