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Hydro Drilling and Excavation

Hydro Drilling is the technology of using high-pressure water to drill through soil or rock to bore holes for posts, or to create direct underground pathways for pipe or direct burial cables. Small nozzles with 1/8” NPT threads are typically used for this application, and require special spray patterns with multiple forward jets ranging from 0 to 25 degrees. Aqua Mole’s Button Nose nozzles are ideal for this application, and our custom drilling service means that special patterns can be provided with no delay or extra costs. Aqua Mole’s quantity discount program can reduce costs on large jobs where many nozzles are often consumed.


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These nozzles feature a round nose and short body to better navigate elbows and tees.

Rear jet angles are possible ranging from 25 degrees to 70 degrees in the groove. It’s possible to drill 90 degree side jets in the knurled area in the nose section. Forward jets can be drilled from 0 degrees (straight ahead) up to 45 degrees.

3 Forward @ 5 degrees

3 Reverse @ 25 degrees

3 Forward @ 7 degrees

1 Forward @ 0 degrees

3 Reverse @ 25 degrees

Every jetter has a certain amount of flow and pressure output. That output represents the maximum potential energy available for cleaning activity. When the total orifice area is matched to the pump’s specifications, all the available energy is harnessed. However, if the total orifice area is not properly matched then performance suffers. If the total orifice area is too small, system backpressure prevents full use of the available system energy.   Likewise, if the total orifice area is too large, jet velocity and therefore pulling power are reduced.


At Aqua Mole, your pump’s pressure and flow specifications are  computer modeled to determine the optimum orifice size for your selected spray pattern. Get the most out of your equipment with Aqua Mole’s custom orifice drilling.


As an added bonus, custom drilling allows Aqua Mole to supply our customers with special, or non standard spray patterns, generally at no additional cost, and with no shipping delays!

That is the Aqua Mole Advantage! 

Custom orifice drilling: Why does it matter?

3 Forward @ 10 degrees

3 Reverse @ 35 degrees

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