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Plant Maintenance

Why Consider Aqua Mole For Your Plant Maintenance?

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Aqua Mole Technologies has worked with many plant engineering and maintenance personnel to provide solutions for handling routine maintenance tasks like cleaning spray bars in paper plants, cross batch contamination prevention in food processing plants, and the clearing of clogged waste in process lines.

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Aqua Mole’s ability to custom drill nozzles to match specific flow rates allows them to operate efficiently whether you are using a portable pressure washer or connecting to a pressurized utility system within the plant.



The Aqua Mole Rotary Jet Nozzle is the most commonly used nozzle to address cleaning issues such as removing fibers in the water that may clog the spray header bars.  It is also the perfect nozzle in helping to prevent cross contamination in food processing plants, chemical plants, or pharmaceutical plants. The cleaning can usually be accomplished with minimal breakdown of the piping system thus reducing production down time.



Our Sewer Squad Kits have all the necessary tools (nozzles) for cleaning sewer and/or floor drains within the plant and come complete with a handy and versatile box, custom drilled to match your operating flows and pressures, whatever they may be.



No two plants are the same and each may have their very own unique application complications. Our technical sales staff can help with understanding your specific application and make recommendations.


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